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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Shreya Shukla

Shreya Shukla


Shreya Shukla was an Artist-in-Residence during Peers 2018. At KHOJ, she transformed her studio into a live organism with its walls bulging, dripping and weighing down upon the viewer. The work was an ephemeral sensory experience, the memory of it being the only thing she could take back from the residency. Shreya’s oeuvre is centered around an enquiry of the human body and its transition, both literally and metaphorically. Starting out with portraiture and figurative art in her career, she was initially using the image of the body for self-confrontation purposes. Over the course of her creative adventures, she began to explore the various modalities of body, sexuality, touch, vulnerability, and indulged in the practice of self-documentation and self-study, making several self-portraits with the aim of de-eroticizing through distortion. Since then she has been working on narratives centred on the self. In her current practice, she is trying to associate fragmented text taken from several sources to an image that is not directly related to the image but acts as a parallel narrative, as a trigger, and as an entry point to the work.