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Peers 2018

The Khoj Peers residency program provides emerging artists and creative practitioners a platform for dialogue, experimentation, and exchange. This helps in building a forum and creating a network of young interdisciplinary artists from various art, architecture, new media, performance, performing arts and design disciplines.

About this edition

Open Day: Thursday, 14th June 2018

Peers is a four week residency programme at KHOJ International Artists’ Association that provides emerging artists from across the subcontinent with an opportunity for exchange and dialogue. It aims to provide young artists a forum for experimentation and interaction with the larger creative community as well as attempts to create a network of diverse artists across mediums and disciplines.

Peers has been a one of KHOJ’s pioneering programmes, and this year is a landmark year with the fifteenth edition of Peers. Functioning as a unique residency model that closely curates artists at the start of their professional careers, the Peers residency is populated with artists’ visits and interactions, studio visits and curated exhibition walk-throughs, for the residents to have a gamut of art-related experiences and exposure. The aim of the Peers programme is to provide infrastructure, inspiration and mentorship to emerging artists and art practices.

In 2018, the Peers participants visited the studios of artists Subodh Gupta and Dayanita Singh and were mentored by multi-disciplinary artist Gigi Scaria.

The Peers residency ends with an Open Day, where resident artists show their works in progress and interact with audiences. Following the Open day, KHOJ organises Peers Share, a two day intensive seminar for young artists who had qualified for the final round of the peers selection process. Peers Share is a great learning opportunity for young artists to showcase their own practice and get valuable feedback and criticism from their peers, colleagues, senior art practitioners, art critics and the KHOJ curatorial team.

The artists-in-residence for Peers 2018 were: Shreya Shukla, from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara; Damayanti Debnath and Virendra Maurya from the Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communications, Hyderabad; Dharmendra Prasad, from the Govt. College of Arts and Crafts, Guwahati; Throngkiuba Yimchungru, from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan; and Manjot Kaur, from Government College of Art, Panjab University, Chandigarh


Keeping in mind the diversity of art training in India and to ensure a plurality of ideas and opinions in the residency, KHOJ invites a jury for the selection of five artists-in-residence and one critic-in-residence. In 2018, KHOJ invited artists, educators and patrons Manisha Parekh, Gigi Scaria, Pallavi Paul and Tarana Sawhney.

Each year, the Peers residency program receives many applications and we are only able to accommodate a few selected applicants for the residency. In a bid to extend the conversation, KHOJ has instituted Peers Share – an informal dialogue with twelve applicants who also made it to the short list of the residency and have been selected for a session of critique with senior artists, critics and curators. Peers Share 2018 has been supported by Tarana Sawhney.

Tarana Sawhney is a patron of the arts, members of the South Asia Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern London, and an advisor to the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art.

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