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Peers 2013

The Khoj Peers residency program provides emerging artists and creative practitioners a platform for dialogue, experimentation, and exchange. This helps in building a forum and creating a network of young interdisciplinary artists from various art, architecture, new media, performance, performing arts and design disciplines.

About this edition

For Peers 2013, five artists fresh out of college along with a critic worked together at KHOJ Studios to develop their creative practice.

The artists this year experimented with a diverse range of creative practices, beginning from Parag Sonarghare, who undertook intimate engagements with inanimate objects in the course of interrogating performance and performativity, Pratik Bhattacharya who inserted several unconventional elements in his art installation, Sasi Thavodoz who worked with a plethora of materials from empty egg trays to bricks, Niyati Upadhya who was particularly interested in documenting certain street performance traditions in Delhi, and Juhikadevi Bhanjdeo who experimented with the ribbon and steel blades as materials for her site-specific installation.


As a forum that aims to actively push the envelope of contemporary art practice mediated through practices that foreground qualities of experimentation, invention, research and critical debate, KHOJ positions PEERS as a model for practice as research within the ambit of the visual arts. KHOJ provides an opportunity for a diverse group of artists to test their work within a setting that is part public, part private. The residency practices an investigative approach that is open-ended and enigmatic, it celebrates a diverse scene of artists all responding in different ways to each other and to the site/building. This rather more speculative approach to the production of art results in a distinct educational experience which foregrounds improvisation, reworking and allowing room for mistakes.



Call for Applications

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Peers is a 4-week residency programme that provides recent graduates and masters students an opportunity for exchange and dialogue. It aims to provide young artists a forum for experimentation and interaction with the larger creative community, and also hopes to create a network of students from various art, architecture, media and design colleges.
Applications accepted from final year students or recent graduates (must have graduated in the last 5 years) only.
Open to Indian nationals only.

Peers 2013 Programme Details

Duration: 4 weeks, May 23- June 23, 2013
Seats: 5 Practitioners/Artists and 1 Critic/Theorist

Application materials

1. C.V
2. Images/ video (on CD or DVD // no slides please) and other visual material of recent work
3. Two letters of reference from people familiar with your practice i.e. teachers/professors
1. C.V
2. At least 3 samples of writing
3. Two letters of reference from people familiar with your practice i.e. teachers/professors

Send by email or post to:

Khoj International Artists’ Association
S-17, Khirki Extension
New Delhi- 110017

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