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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Presence of Absence

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The work is not just a result of my interaction with this room, but also influenced by the interaction between different social layers and their engagement with us.

Here, I have tried to build communication with the social context–which is formed by the regular interplay with such elements as day to days social life, politics–and all together the presence of its physicality. I am using live video streaming of the street outside into this space and video streaming of the inside the studio on to the street outside thereby creating a sense of time warp. This is because there would be a tangible yet an intangible interaction between the bodies on the street as well as the bodies inside of this room.

There will also be an interactive element to the work as I shall be putting up black boards on one wall and providing chalks to the viewers who are welcome to interact with it. This black board will allow you to share your feeling publicly on any topic. And it’s also allowing another person to interact with it freely. You can also create your own space on the black board by the using of duster, to share your dialog.

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