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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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“The disorder of a city is a surface character coupled with its own internal logic. Similar juxtaposition can be drawn from the built spaces around us, which sprawls in every possible manner. Our deficit understanding of this phenomenon sometimes causes us to think this is something supernatural or magical process in itself. As the cities are rapidly transforming into concrete jungle, where the life is constantly constrained into smaller cubes. But at the same time a city grows without any preconceived given format. The unpredictable formal dynamics of any city leads our awe still trying to match terms with the change.”

Drawing generated from the practical necessity of form and space is evident in my work. The experiments are more or less monochromatic drawing and objects dealing with the size, scale and the various representational devices pertaining to the formation of space. The spatial delineation of linear forms helps in the creation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. Concentrating more on the built space. Urban planners and designers persistently try to come up with innovative solutions to meet the day-to-day requirements and management for human built-space. In my installation, objects and video projections, which is construction of space, reflecting on the condition of living in over-populated cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The level of human intervention into the natural surrounding, reconstructing a second layer of nature for living and sustaining life.

Through the body of work my contention is to draw parallels with the process of organic development and the dynamics of life. Cities are such chains of complex relations, which support, preserve and propagate life.

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