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Peers 2022

The Khoj Peers residency program provides emerging artists and creative practitioners a platform for dialogue, experimentation, and exchange. This helps in building a forum and creating a network of young interdisciplinary artists from various art, architecture, new media, performance, performing arts and design disciplines.

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About this edition

We are pleased to announce our artists in residence for Peers 2022 at Khoj!

Asish Kumar Palei @paleiasish
Moumita Basak @moumita1243
Richa Arya @richaarya1997
Vishnu Prasad @vishnu._.prasad
Yash Vyas @whyvyas

This year’s critic-in-residence is:
Sohorpem Kazingmei @attheriskofbeing

Special thanks to the jury for Peers 2022: Anushka Rajendran @anushkarajendran, Sonia Mehra Chawla @soniamehrachawla, and Sumakshi Singh @sumakshisingh

Peers 2022 will take place from
06 June – 30 June 2022 at
Khoj Studios, S17, Khirkee Extension, New Delhi 110017

Peers is a four-week residency programme at Khoj International Artists’ Association that provides emerging artists from India with an opportunity for exchange and dialogue. It aims to provide young artists a forum for experimentation and interaction with the larger creative community as well as attempts to create a network of diverse artists across mediums and disciplines.

Peers has been one of Khoj’s pioneering programmes; we are looking forward to making the seventeenth edition of the Peers residency a unique, robust, and rewarding experience.

Peers 2022 has been supported by Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation @inlaksfoundation

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