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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Ashis Kumar Palei

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First at Khoj


Ashis Kumar Palei’s practice lies at the intersections of identity, discrimination, and caste inequalities. He uses his practice as a language to represent the issues of caste hierarchy that are perpetuated as pre-existent rituals to be followed by society. According to Ashis, it is these rituals that sustain hierarchy in our society that he challenges with his work. His practice involves mediums such as soil, bomb stick, cow dung, terracotta, paper pulp, watercolor, and charcoal. He also uses found objects and waste materials. But his work is anchored by the use of soil as a medium because he believes that soil is the identity of the marginalized. Ashis has done his MFA from College of Art, University of Delhi and lives in Chandanpur, Odisha.