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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Byabacheda ra Raaga

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The word raaga has two meanings: it could mean internal anger, and at the same time that it could be understood as the form of a song or music.

The work presented here is a direct expression Anger of oppression. Being deprived of land, even minimal basic means of sustenance, a marginalized being is left with his only weapon to register his angst, through sound. A sound could be of music or his voice or a blend of both creating a piece of consolidated music transforming it into a weapon to resist and assert.

In my works, the medium itself becomes a visual manifestation of marginalized experience, like the landless laborer who toils in mud but doesn’t own any piece of land. Usually, I put many layers of mud over my objects because I believe that one layer of soil speaks more than many volumes of history books. Our invisible past is preserved in the soil therefore I use clay as a medium for my work.

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