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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Constant Motion

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Captured in jars, a microcosm of life in miniature. Taxonomically classified into form and substance, eviscerated from life onto the body of a copper surface. Yearning to live, growing, becoming something, if anything at all. Zooming in, zooming out of life, moving image against stolid jars of glass. Stuck on the surface, things remain what they are, even when they try and become what they are not. it is the moving mountain in aerial perspective, a landscape from above, entrapped in vision. Paint dries and silver crystals live, yet both lie trapped in a tasvir of themselves. Where the eye begins, the attempted picture ends, and when the eye wanders, that attempt begins to disintegrate. Benign attempts to resuscitate all that which goes on are a painterly folly, yet do we not linger on, in our hope to capture a picture of an essence as it begins to live.

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