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Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar
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Shubham Kumar is an artist from Gaya, Bihar and currently lives and works in Vadodara. His work is informed by familial introspection that traces the politics of land, construction, regional violence, in Murera and Gaya (Bihar). Images, ideas and creatures from his native land operate as metaphors, through which he makes sense of the complex ideological narratives that have been imposed onto the life of the region. His work proposes scenarios that address these tensions between the perceiver and the represented subjects. His interventions include problematizing the making of the documentary image and fabrications – primarily through parafictions, painting, image transfer, installations, and software interfaces as tools and mediums.

Shubham Kumar has participated in and various group exhibitions including Lateral B(l)inds, Immerse, Stir Gallery, IAF Parallel show, New Delhi, India, 2024; Inscapes, Latitude 28, Bikaner House, New Delhi, India,2023; Embark, Ark Gallery, Vadodara, India, 2023; DCAW, Latitude 28, Delhi, India, 2023; (Solo) Ghare, Khet, Dera, Latitude 28, Delhi, 2022; WWWW, Art Incept, Bikaner House, Delhi, India, 2022; DCAW, Latitude 28, Delhi, India, 2022; Art Incept Grant show, Art Incept, Delhi, India, 2022; Immerse, Mumbai, India,2022; Cima Award Show, Kolkata, India, 2022; Surface Encounters & Strange Beings, Goa, India,2021; Untitled IX, Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai, India,2021; Students Biennale, Kochi, India, 2021; Online MastersGroup Show by Space 118, Mumbai, India,2020; Online Group Show by Kala Chaupal, India,2020; Degree Show at FFA MS University, Vadodara (2018); and In-making, Fine Art Gallery, Vadodara (2018).

He has been awarded the Tacita Dean Award 2022, Kalpana Reddy Memorial Award, M.S.U. Baroda, 2021; Khoj Support Grant, Delhi, June 2020; Nasreen Mohamedi award for Best Display BVA, MSU Baroda (2018); as well as the JJ School of ArtPrintmaking award (2014). He has also been a part of the course with Rico Zook,  Agri Forum, FICA, Farm 8, New Delhi, 2024, Immerse residency, Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai, India, 2022, Khoj Peers 2021, Delhi, 2021; The conditioned Image; online workshop by Chinar Shah, Bengaluru, Aug 2020; SSAF Next Step Residency at 1Shanthiroad, Bangalore, 2019 and attended workshops on Video art by Gigi Scaria, MSU Baroda (2018).