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Sujan Chitrakar

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Sujan Chitrakar is a Nepali visual artist who is currently the Academic Program Coordinator and an Assistant Professor for the Kathmandu University School of Arts, Nepal’s leading institution in arts education that has nurtured some of today’s most important Nepali contemporary artists. One of Nepal’s foremost art activists, he brings over 15 years of experience in the arts and is part of the Photo Kathmandu curatorial team. Sujan belongs to a Chitrakar family, which is a traditional artist community among the Newars. His third solo exhibition “Let’s Talk about ART baby!” was colossally famous in Nepal’s art world and earned him praise from many other upcoming artists. Chitrakar notably led a reconstruction program for Bungamati, after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, entitled “Rebuilding Bungamati”.  He has worked as a curator, creative consultant, exhibition designer, jury member, and coordinator for various arts and culture organisations and initiatives over the years.


To learn more about his work, please visit this site.