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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Suvani Suri

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Suvani, after having done her graduation in Computer Science Engineering pursued a master’s course in New Media because of her inclination towards design studies and creative arts. Her stint at National Institute of Design has led her to experiment with various media and subjects. Her interest areas largely lie within the domain of designing interactions, digital experiences, interactive installation art, and sound. She has been an active participant in design seminars and competitions and the recent accolades include making it to the semi-finals of the Adobe Design Awards 2012, winning the media category at the Pune Design Festival 2013, being selected in the top ten in Ozchi 2012 and selection in India HCI 2012. Delving deep into varied areas of spatial augmented reality, motion graphics and videography has broadened her vision and provoked her to think of creating works of a multidisciplinary and experimental nature.