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Hosted by Khoj Studios in Delhi, in collaboration with Norient, the release of the Delhi chapter of the Norient City Sounds online publication was an evening of conversations, responses, discursive presentations, talks, live sets and jams by some of the contributors in the edition. The gathering entered into and further took off from the contributions in the Online Special that think through the many ways of listening in and to the city, extending the dialogue into a wider public.

The evening spilled over into a set of activations and gatherings spread out across the weekend and beyond– beginning with a sound walk and a community workshop programmed in conversation with Khoj on the 15th.

Here’s what the 14th evening looked like:

  • Dilli ki Sair meets Ghoomne Chalein (20 min) – A performative exchange between Aabshaar Wakhloo and Afreen Akhtar. Afreen Akhtar’s sound piece Dilli ki Sair has been published in NCS Delhi
  • Voice and other ephemera (20 min)Anubhuti and Neelansh Mittra, both have contributed to the series and will set up a conversation that responds to each other’s pieces and practices that engage with acoustic memory, and tracing the sensorium of a city located in another time and place. 
  • Sonic Witnessing  (20 min) – A session with Mithran Talitha facilitated by Geetanjali Kaita
  • Closing Response to the series by Sumangala Damodaran, followed by a short exchange with the audience (25 min)

Live Jams | Terrace | 8.30 to 9.30 pm

Songs for a Tired City (20 minutes)

Excise Dept (40 min)

The evening is a part of the Norient Online Special «Norient City Sounds: Delhi»

The third edition of the Norient City Sounds Series is moored in Delhi, India, as it tunes in to a polyphony of voices, songs, sounds, and stories that reimagine and unconceal the various worlds and characters constituting sonicities.


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