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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Vidisha Fadescha


Vidisha Fadescha, based in New Delhi, is an artist-curator working across arts and cultural disciplines. They focus on collaborations, collectives, and experiences, as a norm-critical pedagogy for queer hegemonies. In 2020, Fadescha exhibited “Burn All The Books That Call You The Unknown” supported by Parramatta Artists Studios and the Australian Council for the Arts. It showcased their new video and sound installation of the same title which looked at body movement as an archive of histories, violence, and desire. Their sound piece came from field recordings taken over 8 years from various waters-forests-lands in India. In January 2020, Vidisha installed a video at KNMA, New Delhi, titled “Qworkoholic Anonymous” which looks at queer labour and fatigue. Constantly building collectives, in 2019, they initiated “Dragery”: a social gathering to explore questions around gender, queerness, fetish, phobias and representation through Drag. Fadescha is also a DJ, sound artist and an event host at clubs and other informal gatherings. They have been an artist at The Nightlife Residency by iprojectspace and The Neighbourhood in Beijing (2019) as well as an invited artist for “Today Is Our Tomorrow” by Publics and Museum of Impossible Forms in Helsinki (2019).


Having worked in the arts since 2008, Vidisha just opened “Party Office”, an art and a social space in New Delhi, a library, a kitchen, a co-working and tool-sharing space, that hosts events, residencies, and social gatherings. Some of their other relevant projects include “Queer Futures Potluck Party” (co-curated with Shaunak M., Five Million Incidents, Max Mueller Bhavan, 2019), “Hyperbody IV: The Hyperrave of Queer Maximalism” (VR experience collaboration with Hyperbation, Beijing, 2019), “Public Pedagogy As Arts Practice” (curator, Curatorial Intensive South Asia, KHOJ International Artists’ Association, 2018), “Assembly of Access: Body, Space and The Archive” (curator, TIFA, 2018), “(there is no epilogue)” (India Art Fair, 2017, KHOJ, 2018), “Foto Fest Biennale 2018” (artist, Houston), etc.