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Vinit Nikumbh

Vinit Nikumbh
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Vinit Nikumbh is an Architect who also has an keen interest in Cinema and Urban development. He did his undergraduate studies from Mumbai University, where he was an excellent student winning grants and awards like the “ Thesis of the Year Award from the National Council of Architecture India, The Ratan Tata Endowment and several National design competitions. He has done his Masters in Architecture and Media from Cornell University New York. He has worked with architects in Mumbai and New York and his professional work has won awards nationally like the MCHI Housing design competition and his work has been published and exhibited internationally including at AIA New York. Vinit has been a design faculty at various Architecture Schools in Mumbai. Vinit has also worked with leading architects in Mumbai and New York.
Vinit was also selected as by the UDRI as a research fellow to work on issues of urbanism in Mumbai. He conducted a study on the issues of walkability and pedestrian access to important nodal transportation junctions in the city of Mumbai. The study culminated in a public presentation and a draft of pedestrian accessibility guidelines that could be addressed in the new development plan for the city.
He is the founder of the Bricolage. Bricolage works on the boundaries of architecture and other etceteras – media, design and urbanism. Vinit is a registered architect with the Council of Architecture India. He is also a member of the American Institute of Architects.