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ℋꕤ﹅ꕤ✦ഒꕤଘᯅ(Holobiont or an exercise on care) in collaboration with Kaldi Moss and Nabi

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Holobiont uproots an ornamental element that could appear in the border of a tapestry. The overgrown oral assemblage then becomes a vessel, molded by the bodies that interact with it. A beckoning composed of both low and high frequencies emanates from devices placed at different heights. The crystal anthers, bathed in sound and light, attempt to build a safe space that encourages interspecies connection, joy and healing.

The immersive soundscape is an expansion on Kaldi Moss’ previous work, produced around the ‘sonic land’ of mycelium and insects. Their practice questions whether other beings perceive the same world of sounds differently. Moss is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in sense perception, time, networked systems, insect perception, tree intelligence and experiences of beings that are not human.

The beaded anthers proposed by Nabi remit to their vast experience as a queer digital aist, embroidery designer, illustrator and multidisciplinary creator who straddles between hyper-reality and traditional craftsmanship. Working in the fields of a, drag, technology and fashion.

Installation. Deconstructed subwoofer, custom made circuits, speakers, sculpted foam, fabric, beads
Dimensions variable

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