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2030 – Net Zero & Weeping Farm

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2030 – Net Zero

A decade to reach climate consensus and consciousness. 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases are added to the atmosphere each year. It is up to you to bring it down to net zero.

Save your resources!

Play down your emissions!

Act upon climate health! 

Weeping Farm

“Statistically, every forty minutes a farmer commits suicide in India.” Nearly 75% of  the full-time workers on Indian farms are women (OXFAM). Women are both directly and indirectly impacted by these alarming suicides. This game looks at female  farmers’ distress and agrarian crisis as a running commentary of the current time. Beating the clock, as a player, you will confront these distress situations that narrate the farmers’ ongoing battle of survival against intangible and tangible issues. As one of the women belonging to the Indian agrarian community, you live  with overwhelming odds! Which strategy may help you proceed? Should you  be part of the system or stand against it? Or should you leave it to fate to hang  in limbo? Whichever card you may play, how will you ensure your survival? 


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