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A retrospective reflection

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In this age of the amateur, the artist can put his finger in many pies and pose as an expert. Meddling with science, medicine, media, economics, public policy, sociology, anthropology, he imagines that he can extend the frontiers of knowledge.

Now in order to be an expert one has to spend many years in rigorous pursuit.  However, there is one disadvantage – the deeper you dig, the drier you become. Additionally, you are blamed of conservatism, narrow-mindedness and tunnelled vision. Enter the artist, with his or her superficial grip on things, posturing to be an expert. In the same spirit, I who barely understood the medium of graphic novels jumped to theatre and sound design. With the confidence of an amateur I thought that I could push the envelope for all three. And this too, I would achieve without taking off my clothes or cutting myself in various places.

Failure was inevitable. But according to Prof Saxena’s Chart of optimised Hindu way of life, behind every success are forty-three failures. So there is still hope.Hope, because the intentions were good. Telling stories in different ways but still adhering to the rules of oral tradition. Creating another space for dispensing narrative within the mainstream. Bringing back the oral.

My performance was a heretic juxtaposition of theatre, graphic novel imagery, sound and projections to tell stories of contemporary relevance.

Awkward and out of place, just the way I like it.

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