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Hunting hunters (Chinnery revised)

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The first of a series developed during the Khoj Residency consists of revised and intervened prints of 19th century imperial paintings of exoticized Indian landscapes, originally by English artists. These landscape painters chose to portray idyllic images of cities and countryside, consciously averting their gaze from the violence of a wartime period. Complacent to the Company consumption interests/taste. Contributing to a visual domestication of the landscape by the orientalist gaze.

Hunting hunters is a revision of the painting Indian landscape with temple by George Chinnery (1774-1852). The gure speculatively inhabiting this seemingly tranquill habitat draws from Caribbean and Indian mythologies, a tiger-woman chimera that shares common strategy with both the ciguapa and churel: her backwards feet allows her to elude pursuers. During colonial and contemporary times, diversion tactics were/are often employed by feminized bodies in order to navigate hostile contexts, fast to turn on them.

Adorned with a hibiscus silver zari embroidered frame, the energy that this piece intends to celebrate is that of resistance and resilience.

Acrylic paint, AI photomanipulation on archival canvas print, silver zari embroidered artist frame
33 x 44 inches


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