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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Inhale and Exhale

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Aditi’s project is based on the issues of time and space. She had created multiple tiny rooms in
which Television sets are to be installed. The artist plans to take the audience in to a roller
coaster of moods as the sound and atmosphere vary from room to room. It is interesting to see
her travel from minimal abstractions all the way to the multi faceted installation. One thing that
is puzzling me is how distinctive the sounds are going to be given that the enclosures in which
the TV sets are placed are tiny spaces. The use of corrugated sheets in place of the partitions I
would say is a clever and simpler idea which is also economically friendly. The nature of this
material not only solves the purpose of partition but also resists the passage of light. But again
Aditi’s use of enamel is something that is to be paid attention to. There is a possibility of
rendering and achieving similar effects through collage and mixed media which might lead her to
innovative fronts giving room for much more experimentation