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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Aditi Kulkarni

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Educational Qualification
2005 June Completed 5 years Government Diploma in Fine Arts, INDIA.
2008 Film Appreciation Course by Film and television Institute and National Film
Archive, INDIA.
2004 With Czech artist from Prague organized by Pupra Center for Art Culture, at NCLSR Club, Pune, INDIA.
2003 Bharat Bhavan, Community art workshop, Bhopal, INDIA.
International Workshops:
2007 Insaka, International Artist workshop, Triangle Arts, Zambia, Africa.
2007 AMALA, Media and Light art Workshop, Goethe Institute, Alexandria, Egypt.
2008 Streaming International Audio Visual Festival 3rd Edition, Hague
2008 Pantheon International Xperimental Film and Animation Festival 7.0, Cyprus, Europe
2008 The Mirror Stage, International Video Festival by NeMe and Independent
Museum of Contemporary Art, IMCA, Cyprus, Europe.
2007 Short film selected for 6th Asian Film Festival, Mumbai, India.
2004 Animation short ad film was selected in Mumbai International Film
Festival, Mumbai (MIFF, 04), INDIA.
2008 Filament, Khoj Peers show, Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art
and Vadehra Art Galley, Delhi, India.
2008 Artist of the month, Gunina Art Gallery Online, Bangalore, India.
2008 Common Ground, International Tour Collection, Group Exhibition, Haun Tie Art
Museum in Beijing, China2008.2009 and 2012 Europe and North America.
2007 AMALA Media Arts Exhibition, Goethe Institute and Atelier Alexandria,
2007 Insaka International artist exhibition, Triangle Arts, Visual art Council, Zambia,Africa.
2006 International Young Art II Group Show at Waves Art Gallery, Pune, INDIA
2006 International Graphic and Drawing Competition, Waves art gallery, INDIA.
2005 Monsoon Show, At Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, INDIA.
2005 Young Art Group Show at Waves Art Gallery, Pune, INDIA.
2003 Art Show by PUPRA Center of Art & Culture, Prague, CZECH.
2007 Khoj, International Artist Association, Peers 2007, Triangle Arts