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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Journey inward – Journey outward

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Uma Ray displays the tickets of her previous journey to Delhi and she records her linear thought
processes on to a flex board. She believes that her journey thus comes to a full circle by
recording her present visit on to it. She is trying to figure out through words both her subjective
position that reflects on the outside world and the outside world in its authenticity visited by her.

Cross Over

This I would call as a project more than a work. Uma had invited the people from the KHOJ
village and asked them to record their expressions as an attempt of breaking the compound wall
that separates the “Organization-Khoj” from the “Khirki Village”.

The Trail

This work attempts to look in to the traces of left behind in the residency. There will be a video
projection on the roof that catches up certain interesting moments and personalities.
Largely Uma’s works engages through words. During the initial presentation Anita Dube
suggested her to read Jenny Holzer. In my opinion she engages in two modes. One is the
monologue where in she revisits her thoughts and the other the interactive mode where she aligns
the same with the community around. This reminds me of the artists Barbara Kruger and Martin
Firrel apart from Jenny Holzer. But one should also notice that these artists’ works are not
simply confessional or inward philosophical journeys but also powerful reflections on violence,
war, class and gender hegemonies they focused upon. The individual in them undergo a shift
when they are in association with the outside world.The use of the transparent medium that
translates the thoughts of the people across is successful for words are also sometimes just the
passages through which one gets to travel. The use of acrylic sheets for the mirror too is similarly
impressive for one gets to see ones reflections merged and mingled within the jungle of words.
At the same time despite the remarkable effects one gets to worry about the nature of the
medium. Especially hailing from Shanthinikethan (the place that has eco friendly concerns in
many walk) Uma should be aware of the politics behind using the plastic and acrylic sheet as her
medium. Both are biodegradable and does not allow the passage of water once it is dumped
under the earth. Though one is not surprised about it considering most of contemporary art works
are produced with fiber glass and flex prints it is still worthwhile to give it a thought