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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Noisindia #5 is a multimedia music experience based on the ongoing Ship Breakers Opera Project – a sonic print of Eryck Abecassis’ musical residency in India. Experimenting with fresh, chaotic sounds of the shipbreaking yards of Alang, Noisindia #5 looks to experiment with music, not in its conventional form of notes, chords or rhythm, but as noise. It experiments with noise not only as an acoustic phenomenon but also as a distortion (or an accident) of the ‘normal/polite’ signal, using conventional and non-conventional instruments and devices to express an idea, seek a certain construct, a structure. This experimentation will be performed against a backdrop of images and videos to form the final composition.

ERYCK ABECASSIS Composition, Laptop, Video
ANDY NAOREM Electric Guitar, Electronics
ALLAN LYNDOH Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Electronics

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