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On the Matter of Humanness

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Within my own hybrid art-science practice, I explore the appropriation of scientific methodologies into the studio and gallery setting, and proffer scientific experimentation itself as artistic performance. In 2009, after a long career in biomedical research, I began a foray into the burgeoning global biohacking community, even creating my own home laboratory. Biohacking — a movement that aims to demystify biotechnology, increase awareness and contextualise it’s potential to a wide audience outside of professional labs – allows the artist, and the common citizen, to not only participate in, but also critically evaluate, the contemporary state of scientific research.

For ‘The Undivided Mind’ special residency at Khoj studios, I would like to not only attempt previous hacks I have done before (such as decellularisation or holographic projection of scientific data) but also develop new ones that respond to local resources – to ‘hack’ the residency itself. Moreover, utilising my extensive experience teaching various workshops in both the University and gallery setting, I would like to run a workshop of basics of biohacking for the general public, but specifically for artists and designers. If possible, I would like to connect with and involve colleagues—those with whom I am already connected, and those whom I have not yet met—both in Delhi and across India who are beginning to develop biohacking as a common practice.

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