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Art And Science 2015 - Part II

The Art + Science programme at KHOJ was initiated to advance projects that explored artistic applications of emerging thoughts and technologies with the help of partners from the scientific industry and academia. The programme fostered a dialogue between artists and scientific concepts, phenomena and technology through practice.

About this edition

PART II: 9th March – 11th April, 2015

Following the stimulating presentation of The Undivided Mind | Part I through the ‘CAAS – City as a Spaceship’ project, the exploration of Art & Science continued at KHOJ through Part II of this residency program.

The points of departure being explored through the residency included the synthesis of Biology with Artistic Production and DIY technology, forms of scientific illustration, the place of sound and dance in science, and the relationship between nuclear physics and miniature painting.

As a part of The Undivided Mind Art & Science Residency, KHOJ  collaborated with renowned international science and art film festival, BIO∙FICTION and screened a special selection of 10 short films from their collection, in the first ever screening of BIO∙FICTION films in India. The screening was followed by a discussion between a Bio-scientist Deepak Singh, Bio-Artist Jaden Hastings and and Film Maker & Artist Priya Sen.

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Jaden Hastings

Lalin Phencharoen

Paribartana Mohanty

Shreyasi Kar & Bidisha Das



Lleah Smith


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