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Monitor 14 : Drifting with the Summer Tides

Khoj International Artists' Association has been committed to build networks across South Asia for two decades. Given this engagement Khoj is pleased to present South Asian Visual Art Centre SAVAC's 14th edition of Monitor: Drifting with the Summer Tides, curated by Rasha Salti. MONITOR is SAVAC's longstanding experimental film and video program that holds steady engagement with an international community of artists, curators and critics, initiating dialogues around the shifting nature of politics, economies and landscapes through artists’ films.

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About this programme

Drifting with the Summer Tides draws from allegories of tidal and wave movements to invite you to discover how filmmakers and artists imagine, narrate, represent and re-articulate our being in the world within a living environment with relationships to placemaking, subjectivity, agency, our being as carriers of memory and of a counter-memory of resistance, our being as carriers of ideology and of struggle.

Billowing Tide
Water Has MemoryMeera Devidayal, 2018, India, 8 minutes
JordãoGian Spina, 2020, Brazil/Palestine/Jordan, 25 minutes
Dialogue with the UnseenValerio Rocco Orlando, 2o19, Italy/Palestine, 24 minutes

Wave Crest
Untitled Part 9: this timeJayce Salloum, 2020, Canada/Afghanistan, 6 minutes
Nothing  Ever Happens HereSponge Gourd Collective [Daphne Xu, Beatrix Chu, Diane Zhou], 2018, China/Canada/US, 3 minutes
A Line Was DrawnMairead McClean, 2019, UK, 13 minutes
Stealing EarthKaran Shrestha, 2018, Nepal, 12 minutes

Breaker Tide
The Hole’s JourneyGhita Skali, 2020, Morocco/The Netherlands, 16 minutes
SyrialismDalia Al-Kury, 2020, Palestine/Jordan/Norway, 20 minutes

Ebbing Wave
Part II: Fatimah and KulitPathompon Mont Tesprateep, 2019, Thailand, 11 minutes
We Have Always Known the Wind’s DirectionInas Halabi, 2020, Palestine, 12 minutes
Shadow & ActTaiki Sakpisit, 2019, Thailand, 23 minutes

For more information on the program, please visit SAVAC’s website 


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