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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Patrick Mautloa’s project

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Patrick Mautloa from South Africa, painted a series of canvases, seemingly abstract, they reflected spatially, the loss of land and mineral rights of Black South Africans. The continuing divide between the clustered Black living areas as opposed to those of the white were clearly manifest. Despite five years Apartheid, the lethargy of the process of change was obvious. His site without intention, held tenuous links with the past workshop: unwittingly used Simon Callery’s site of work of ’97- now moss aged and green, the superimposition of one work on another and ignoring the authorship was an interesting, new manifestation of Khoj.

The regeneration of materials both in the making and dismantling gave works fleeting permanence. Holes were refilled, plastic reused, wood and metals resold. With some expectations, very few tangible traces were left of past works. And everything was turned over.

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