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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Please mind the Gap

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Delhi, the capital of India puts me in a state of constant fear as if I am being under surveillance
here 24/7. As we travel across places like Lodhi Road and Rashtrapathi Bhawan the Indo-
sarascenic buildings that carry the authority of power reminds me of wild elephants. There is no
single movie posters on the walls. The number of cyclers and pedestrians are much lesser
compared to that of the four wheelers. The cleansing of the capital in these areas as against the
other metropolitan cities makes one compare it with the cliché of someone declaring that they
have taken bath simply after washing their face. Where the rest of the metropolitan towns are
congested with slums and skyscrapers loomed together Delhi remains a classical exception. The
contrast between Chandni Chowk and South Extension, Khirki Gaon and Gurgaon makes one
think about the gaps in the social class. As I traveled by metro the announcement that comes
before the arrival of each station “Please mind the gap” was quiet thought provoking inspired by
which I planned to do this work. As I researched further I came to know when the London metro
came in to existence in early 60’s there had been lot of artistic attempts inspired by the
announcement “Mind the Gap”. I plan to install a video projection on this theme.