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re-connecting the land of Khirki

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Gopa Roy’s artistic practice revolves around the intersections of landscape, land, farming culture, climate change, ecology, and the environment and how they shape human existence.

At Khoj, she ploughed through her memories, seeding her project with emotions & stories and natural elements like soil, seeds and fibres to harvest tangible works replete with connection and ancestral weight. Growing paddy and wheat in the urban and suburban landscapes surrounding us represents diverse regional traditions and histories. 

Gopa’s ‘crops’ occupying tables and chairs, tools meant for human use, play with the constructed ideas of function and dysfunction. Humans might not be using them, but they are still being used. Her inspiration for these works draws from the geospatial contrast between Khirki’s landscape and Rangutia, her native village in Tripura. Her beloved village evokes abundant greenery and open houses under an expansive sky, while Khirki is a congested concrete jungle raised on formerly fertile farmland.

Her work fosters a relationship between the stark and often deadening impact of urbanisation and industrialisation on the intricate living bio-social web that enlivens the habitats where people, culture and environment converge.

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