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During the last years, the debate around food in Europe often seems to be very far from the core of the question, becoming something more related with eno-gastronomic products marketing. We would like to go to the (to come back to the) origin of the issue, inquiring the net of relations existing among the different elements of the food net: soil, human beings and other vegetal and animal organisms.

Our work at Khoj will be the results of an aesthetic exploration of the food cycle from the soil (the origin) to the consumption in the street of Kirkii Village; an utopic effort to follow the flux of biomass entering the city and give a vision (view) of this extremely complex system in which we’re operating. We’re experiencing different aspect of agricultural production, sale and consumption, trying to change often the scale of observation: industrial and organic farming, the biggest Asian wholesale market for vegetable and fruit, open air markets and micro-stall selling in the streets. 

Following the histories that go from the Delhi orchards to the present urban vegetable gardens, we’re also exploring the way people use urban and peri-urban space in relation with food production. This “field research” will result in a double artistic intervention: an action in the urban space and an installation at Khoj studio.

*You can read Andrea and Raffaella’s report here