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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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My ongoing project for Khoj Peers borrows largely from medical illustrations of the 18th Century, as well as those that came later, particularly those that illustrate the different aspects of optometry. These drawings come together in the form of a rather large atlas (tentatively titled The Atlas of Optometry) that is composed of numerous pages, pockets and sections. While the atlas seems to explore and literally open up to ideas related to the act of seeing, and the anatomical structure and functioning of eye itself, these components merely act as a device to imply larger and more complex ideas. The illustrations and optometric terms included in the work are intended to insinuate ideas or situations in context to projection and perception of socio-political ideas and beliefs, political structures and their functioning in India. Among the other ideas that are also explored in the pages of the atlas are those of scrutiny and censorship, to which I have drawn parallels from the act of prying and that of obstructing sight/vision. These two ideas, perhaps, arise from my own discomfort with the possible unauthorized and unlimited access, and the prying into my personal data by third parties and its possible misuse. At the same time, a similar discomfort with the filtering of data that we’re prevented from seeing/accessing/consuming.

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