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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Negotiating Food is attempting to expand the project from the small nursery on the terrace of KHOJ to go into the Guerrilla Gardening in the parks of Kheerki. Negotiating Food(we) have been doing a Food intervention in Gandi Park, Kheerki and with the residents that live adjacent to it. We have been interacting with the Elderly, kids and the homemakers to come join us in growing the plants/trees and creating compost from kitchen waste. In the process we got to know the past stories about the land in the park, specifics like who planted which tree. The park is already inhabited by edible fruits of trees such as Goolar, Jamun and lemon.



This past sunday morning visit; (below are the photographs), we gifted saplings of Papaya, Winged beans, Lobia, Mirchi, Tomatoes to the locals of the park. The saplings were received happily and the locals took initiative in planing them while we assisted. The afternoon was well spend in getting our hands dirty, connecting with the community, and reclaiming our Gaia.