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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Khoj’s terrace is full of edible greens like Mustard, Amaranth, Meethi, Ragi, Drumsticks, Coriander, Spinach, Tomatoes, Winged Beans and Lobia. This is a combined effort of the srtist of Negotiating Food and the community of Khoj including Nirmala ji, Aneesh and Geeta Chhetri ji. Geeta ji has been Helping us take care of the terrace garden, she initiated watering the plants and the saplings with us. She has been supporting us by sharing her knowledge about growing food.

img_20141103_161500613Aneesh eating some of the mustard that is growing on the terrace. He approves the taste of this vegetable.

221Mustard in a pot. Geeta ji’s family is harvesting mustard every week and then it grows back again.

img_2318Ragi and Coriander growing in the bath tub.

img_2323Red Amarantha

img_2313Winged Beans