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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Mulakaton Ki Galiyaan – The Lanes of Encounter, our first issue from the network and neighbourhood project which finally grounded on the eve of 25th November 2015. An inspirational work and a toddler’s step taken towards making the presence of the women less blur and also bringing the unknown together. The magazine is not a mere storyteller but an arena where women depicts the struggle they have gone through to establish themselves at the position they are, presently. Each of the stories that has been published in the magazine brings out so clearly the social obstruction and stereotype that being a women one has to face. Nonetheless against this socially constructed barrier the women curved out their way through some heroic fights and struggle to look up to, which is also the reason why we are so keen on bringing out this women’s magazine. This magazine, is a platform given to those women whose immense struggle to put up where they are at present, gets lost somewhere in the by lanes, or remain inside the four walls of their house. No one to acknowledge their endeavour or say a few words of appreciation to them. They are the real life heroes, who goes unnoticed, may be because of their gender, as no women can be a hero!

Nonetheless we thought of bringing them forward. Giving them a voice, a structure, a face, at least to make them visible in the locality they put up in. Not only this, their stories and fights might also act as an inspiration for someone, some one who might desire somewhere to free herself from the obstruction she is bounded into and shine separately with the talents she is endowed with. But fear, lack of confidence and proper direction over shadow their desire and crush their talents and force them to leave the usual life they are into. Thus the stories, we assume, will give that someone an impetus or strength to take that necessary step, which would bring in the required change in their life. More so because the heroes of these stories are not unknown but someone who stays next door or in the next lanes, thus deluging larger impact on the other women of the locality. The sense of freedom and the determination of overcoming certain undesirable situations or obstruction would be strong in them.

With this believe in ourselves of lending help and bringing in change, if possible, even if to one life, we are moving towards engaging the community as much as possible. Starting from building a rapport with the women, getting their confidence so that they come up with the minute and personal details of their struggle to depicting them and giving them a form, so that it can reach out to their known and unknown, we also got the magazine launched among the women of the locality (though not all but those who’s stories were printed and also other interested ones). We tried to create a dialogue among them, and tried to make them the known face among others. We thought it is necessary to get them some appreciation and word of admiration, for the struggle they had put up to mark their existence outside the socially given title. In future also we hope to take different kind of endeavours to carry further this community engagement task of ours. We hope, by the time we end the project, we could create some impact in the locality. With this hope, believe and determination in ourselves, we are moving forward!