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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Networks And Neighbourhood : Negotiating Social Ecology 2015

Khoj’s Networks and Neighbourhoods: Negotiating Social Ecology explored many conversations with women in Khirkee about their notions of public space. It delved into how young women from once-marginalized colonies negotiate rapid changes in their context amidst traditional family pressures even while the technologically-enabled elision of urban public and private space brings about shifts in identity and aspirations.

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Networks and Neighborhoods: Negotiating Social Ecology conducted various workshops, seminars, meetings, mural-painting and classes at Khoj. A magazine entitled Mulaqaton Ki Galiyaan – The Lanes of Encounter, was also produced as a part of the project. Through a variety of mapping workshops, the project initiated a conversation about  gendered access to public spaces in Khirkee and Hauz Rani.  The project culminated in a two days cycle rally. Even though few of the magazine launches were carried out on the streets and painting done on various corners of the locality articulating presence of women; the rally brought young jubilant women onto the streets, challenging the very set up of the patriarchal systems, through their presence, noises, laughs, talks – all in public.


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