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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Networks and Neighborhood

In May 2015, REVUE artists Sreejata Roy and Mrityunjay Chatterjee concluded the ongoing chapter of their long-term community based art project, Networks and Neighborhood, with a multi-media exhibition, seminar and panel discussion, and neighborhood walks showing the murals they have created in the community through the year.

Through a series of sustained interventions, workshops and cartography sessions over the past year, the artists have tried to understand the relationship women have with the public spaces of Khirkee and HausRani. Networks and Neighbourhood attempts to explore why these public spaces remain male dominated and how they can be shaped to be equally hospitable to men and women. Over the year, Sreejata and Mrityunjay have worked with women of varied ages and backgrounds from the neighbourhood, engaging them in interviews, and collaborating with them to create neighborhood maps and wall murals. REVUE has explored how young women from once marginalized colonies negotiate the changes in a local ecology, which is mutating to accommodate traditional family and community pressures, even while the technologically-enabled elision of urban public and private space brings about shifts in personal identity and professional aspirations. As Delhi-based artists involved for several years in the creation of community-related art projects, REVUE have evolved a personal practice within their larger investigation of socio-cultural conditions in urban contexts, drawing upon oral history, the narration of daily life and the formation/expression of subjectivity. Drawing upon their previous experience in Khoj projects

Khirkee Dance Project

The Khirkee Hip- Hop project has been an ongoing initiative at Khoj for the last six years. The project has cultivated a safe an open space for the youth from the neighborhood to practice, lean and come together through hip-hop, b-boy and dance cultures. In March, Khoj helped organize a Street Jam in the neighborhoring Nandan Park, which was a very successful event visited by many members of the community. Khoj along with Aastha Chauhan and a UK based designer, assisted three young entrepreneurs MC Freezak, MC Akshay and Hari Singh to launch their very own T-shirt label ‘Khirkee 17’.

Inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the older boys, a group of young Afghani girls from Haus Rani have now also become regulars at the Khirkee Dance Project, attending biweekly Bharatnatyam classes taught by Juee Deogankar, program manager at for ArThinkSouthAsia!