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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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A month or two earlier, my mum came home from her evening walk and told me about an organic farm at the government run primary school right behind our house. She was passing the school’s main gate on her way to a park and the Principal stopped her for a conversation about food, which was followed by a visit to the organic farm patch in the school premises. This was exciting to hear.

The next day I left KHOJ early and went straight to the school. As much as I was excited to hear their story, the principal was delighted to know our inspiration and plans for urban farming in khirkee extension. Since the school is only till class 5, he felt the need to pass on some life skills to the kids along with their formal education. The students were getting to learn the fundamental knowledge about food, nutrition & health. Something that would last them a lifetime. To make this teaching farm-laboratory possible he has been staying back after school daily and working with the govt. employed gardeners. The school also gets to consumes some of the food they grow. How wonderful is that!

I will visit the farm again and document their story with the students into a short film. Hopefully soon.


Meet the principal



NDMC primary Govt. school in Kidwai Nagar




Garden beds



mint saplings