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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Who are we?

We are Mun Kao and Zedeck Siew. Together we make up the Centre for Artful and Useful Recreation (CENTAUR), a two-person collective that aims to create useful and artful game-things.

We’re pretty new. Our past projects are POLITIKO, a card game about the nastiness of Malaysian party-politics; the Social Performance Index, a namecard-sized self-help questionnaire that helps users improve their social skills; and Art Dai Dee, an art-world-themed playing-card deck you can play Chinese Poker with.

What are we doing?

Vernissage, the game we came to Khoj to make, is our first attempt at digital gaming. A conceptual descendant of Art Dai Dee, it is a smartphone-based, cooperative, scoreboarded live-action roleplaying game, meant to be played at real-life exhibition openings.


Just think of Vernissage as a game where you pretend to be the kind of art-world insider that would use the word “vernissage”, in a room full of art-world insiders who know what “vernissage” means.

Yar. Wish us luck!