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A Solo Dance Competition led by Ashif Khan was programmed at KHOJ Studios in association with the Delhi Breaking Culture. Ashif is the Assistant Production and Media Coordinator at KHOJ and has himself been a dancer since the age of 14. Heavily influenced by B-boying artists like Hong 10 (South Korean B-Boy ) and Lilou (Algerian-French B-boy), he goes by the stage name “Bboy Shif”.

For the Dance Competition, dancers of all ages and categories were invited to participate in the first edition of this contest. Joined by Shubham Kapruwan, Meenu Shrivastav and Amir (Amy) Khan as judges, participants got a minute and thirty seconds to perform in any style of their choice in a classic dance cypher arena set-up. Prizes were up for grabs – 3000/- for the winner, 1100/- for the second runner up, and 500/- for the third runner up – and certificates were given to all participants. The event was met with much participation and enthusiasm.

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