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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Once KHOJ established itself in a Khirkee building, as an organisation we felt we needed to develop a relationship with the community in whose environs we were based. However the community is a disparate one, with low-income earners on the one hand and a large middle-class (primarily artists) on the other. There is a drama school, a professional photography studio, an architectural firm and a filmmaker’s studio all within the neighborhood of KHOJ; there are also different religious groupings and further stratification in terms of caste.

In October 2004, KHOJ initiated a variety of community outreach programs. This process began with the simple mapping of the Khirkee community, beginning with the street where KHOJ is located. Gradually, this process of moving out into the community transformed the relation between KHOJ and the Khirkee residents.


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