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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Social gaming offers people separated by thousands of kilometres an insight into different cultures, languages and cities. Using social interaction through game playing, these games add creativity, fun, and excitement to an otherwise solitary experience.

PlexUs was a part of SELF[n], presented by the Cornell Department of Art, Cornell University. SELF[n] was a 2-week project series and symposium that addressed the complexity of representations and awareness of the self, in the age of distributed information, the social web, and globalised media.

Amitesh Grover, Sukhesh Arora, Stephanie Owens, and Antonio Prieto Stambough created a three-location social gaming event in Delhi, Xalapa, and Ithaca. Audiences and players were invited to engage in a set of social games and playful experiences in each of the three cites.

Participants in each city interacted with each other via Skype, e-mail, Flickr, Facebook and other digital social connections. Two games were played, each lasting for no more than 50 minutes.

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