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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Mithu Sen

Mithu Sen at Brahmaputra by Samit Das
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Mithu Sen performs conceptual and interactive multi-format mediums to subvert hierarchical codes and rules and their intersection with the structures of our world, whether social, political, economic, or emotional to explore hierarchies and conventions with particular reference to ‘myths’ of language, sexuality, market, and marginalisation. Braiding grotesque fiction, personal ephemera, and piercing humor to obscure societal codes, the by-products of her conceptual practice take the forms of drawings, poems, performances, videos, glitches, and instructional interventions. Known for her provocative, alluring, and playful examination of these hierarchies, Sen is committed to perpetual unbecoming through performative interventions, symbolic and linguistic counter-narratives and intricate territorial tracings.