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Shaina Anand

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Born: 4th May 1975.
Masters in Fine Arts program: Film & media Arts. Temple University. Philadelphia USA.
(one year special student coursework under the Inlaks scholarship. 2000.)
Film Appreciation Course. Film & Television Institute of India. Pune. 1996.
B.A. History, R.D. National College. Bombay. 1995.
Film & Video Production. Xavier Institute of Communication. Bombay. 1995.
H.S.C.E (Arts) St. Xaviers College. Bombay. 1992.
Honorary Mention: Interactive art. Prix Ars Electronica 2007
Inlaks scholarship 1999-2000.
Majlis Fellowship. 1999. One-year fellowship to do a series of writing on ‘India and documentary ethics’ based on a 5-month road journey through India as part of a documentary unit.
Co-Director of CAMP, ( an arts and media initiative in collaboration with Khoj International Artists Association and founder of ChitraKarKhana, Mumbai. A fully independent production unit for public intervention through media and art. (
Recent Projects
Recurrenices –across electricity and the urban. Ongoing series of public installations in collaboration with Ashok Sukumaran.
PADMA- Public Access Digital Media Archive. Online ‘cities’ based archive for found and documentary footage. Chitrakarkhana in collaboration with Majlis -Mumbai. Alternative Law Forum- Bangalore, 0il21- Berlin.
CCTV Social: A commissioned work for the Asian Triennial Manchester. (March)
Kiosk of someone else’s dreams or ICT3D. CAMP’s first public art project, an interactive Kiosk on a see facing promenade in Bandra that can connect and instrument actions in the neighborhood and environment. (November)
Kneippness (Safeness): With Ashok Sukumaran. In-situ. Live video surveillance, software, TV monitors. For Art goes Heiligendamm, Rostock. (june)
CCTV theatre: For Summit. Non-aligned initiatives in education culture. (may)
Short circuited TV (Hack Act Interact Progress) Festival of Open technologies, Kiberpipa, Ljubljana (october).
Khirkeeyaan (Khirkee-window/yaan-vehicle) is the exploration and employment of an open-circuit TV system as network, communication, feedback and intervention device within Khirkee’s environs. Realised during an associate residency at KHOJ studios, New Delhi. (April)
Documentation Installed at Censor–sensor–Census, Investigating registering Changes of State at Sarai-CSDS, New Delhi. (December 2006) ‘Parallel Economies and Contemporary Art Practice: Impossible India at Frankfurt Kunstverein. (September 2006) Prix Ars
Electronica (September 2007 – Upcoming) Frieze Art fair (October 2007 – Upcoming)
WI C TV: World Information City TV was transmitted over 3 days to 3500 homes in and around Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, through a network of local cable operators. Designed as an ‘intervention’ into the World Information conference, daily local programming ‘spinned-off’ from the conference, its themes and participants. Produced in a peer learning environment by students and media practitioners, the media generated was an attempt to push the conference outwards into the immediate neighbourhood of spaces, languages and infopolitics. Part of World Information City Exhibition, Bangalore, (14th-19th November, 2005.)
WI C TV Essay on World Information City TV. First published in: In the Shade of the Commons: Towards a Culture of Open Networks. 2006. Bansal, Keller, Lovink, eds.
ISBN-10: 90-806-4523-0
Anahat Nad/the freedom to sing:: A performance about the oral tradition of Kabir and song and the will and joy of copying, sharing and broadcasting. Concept and visualization. Collaboration with Ashok Sukumaran, Tara Kini, Shabnam Virmani, Vickram Crishna and others from Shristi School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore.
Ars electronica LINZ (September)
Bombay Badarpur Border Siteseeing and other pleasure: (March) Thematic gallery show, suite of 7 installations exploring media and the city. Collaboration with Ashok Sukumaran and Mukul Patel. Apeejay Media Gallery, New Delhi.
Himalayan Monogotari (November) 32 mins Video. Camera, editing direction. A documentary on the physical and anthropological landscape of Kashmir and Ladak with Japanese VoiceOver .
Rustle TV: (December) Community Media Project. A broadcast experiment in a microcosmic setting of Russel Market, Bangalore. Over the course of two weeks, local content was produced and broadcast on site. This process based media intervention was produced as a workshop for students of the Shristi School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore. Rustle TV documentation installation at Lille 3000, Recycled Modernities, Moulin, Lille France. (October 2006) ‘Parallel Economies and Contemporary Art Practice: Impossible India at Frankfurt Kunstverein. Curated by Nina Moentmann. (September 2006). Ars electronica Campus. 2005 September.
The Tellavision Mumbai Project. Camera>Direction>Editing.
A feature-length documentary: Tellavision Mumbai (Pubic action; dissent and the search for a new discourse and media in the city of Mumbai. 60 minute version. Images of Asia: Imagecity, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole Copenhagen, Denmark.(August-september 2003).
InfiniteInjustice 6 mins video August 2002. Camera>montage>direction
Made entirely from TV bytes captured live from TV in the wake of 911. “Reclaim our freedom” Pundole art gallery. Mumbai. August 6th-August 14. December 6th. Sahmat New Delhi. World Social Forum 2004, Mumbai, Cinema Texas 2004 USA.
Untitled: June 2002 (Ustad Zia Fardiduun Dagar). 9 mins. Video. Camera. editing. Direction A portrait of the artist. The experimental short was shown as part of a performance by Ustad Zia Fariddudin Dagar on his 70th birthday-June 15 2002 Mumbai.
Away at home. April 2000 Experimental Documentary. Digital video. 35 mins.
Gazalla moved from Bombay to a suburb outside of Philadelphia 8 years ago after her marriage. Without filming her face, the film in sync sound explores her space and her memories; as winter turns to spring and she settles into a new ‘model home’ in suburbia.
Recents Presentations (2007-2006)
Privelge escalation: Meta Media Caucus. At Summit- Non Aligned Initiatives in Education Culture, Berlin May 24-28 2007. May 2007
Speaker: Critical Art and Media Practice at Science Education and Learning in Freedom at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research February, 2007. February 2007.
Presentation and installation of Khirkeeyaan at Censor–sensor–Census, Investigating registering Changes of State at Sarai-CSDS, New Delhi. December 2006
Rustle TV documentation installation at Lille 3000, Recycled Modernities, Moulin, Lille France. October –December 2006
Rustle TV and Khirkeeyaan documentation installation at ‘Parallel Economies and Contemporary Art Practice: Impossible India at Frankfurt Kunstverein. Curated by Nina Moentmann. September-November 2006
Seminar and presentation: Video as Site. The expanded field of Video, Seminar, Goethe Institute, Bangalore. July 2006
Screenings and Presentation at Beyond Concept City; roundtable and exhibition on emerging Urbanisms. CASSUM-Sarai at Goethe Institute, Bangalore. June 2006
WI C TV videos and presentation at Waag Soceity, Amsterdam for Shades of the Common Workshop. May 2006
Seminar: Public/Community/Intervention/Art. Khoj Studios, Delhi. April 2006
Workshops. (2007-2006)
Infrastucture Primitives: retooling workshop Summit. Berlin.
Sharing is Creating: IIT techfest Collaborative filmmaking workshop for launch of Creative Commons India.
Alien Contact: Interim semester workshop at Sristhi School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore along with Ashok Sukumaran.