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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Shiv Shankar

Shiv Shankar
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Shiv’s works are about reaffirming his social identity in his locale which has connections regarding social imposition, dominance, defamation and dream of egalitarian society.

I try to focus on the belongings which are stuck in me as recognising elements of my familial and societal settings in which an individual functions. Nostalgia plays a significant role and caste is a “reality” in Bihar and how much caste is engrained in this nostalgic tracing in my work is very important. And it begins by the very caste I belong to, “Yadav ”. In the past this caste has always been vocal about it’s issues in the hierarchical system of caste structure. I can also see the only caste which gains dominance in the politics of the North region of India are Yadavas, so it can be said as maligning a caste which is considered lower in the strata of caste structure is very much evident and not justified. Few of the events which has happened like Chara Ghotala by Lalu Yadav, Rocky Yadav roadrage case, and a discrimination no scientific evaluation can justify of judging the whole caste as mindless people .