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Srinivas Harivanam

srinivas harivanam
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Srinivas Harivanam (b.1992, Bellary, Karnataka, India) is a media artist based in Bangalore. He did his master’s in New Media Design at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

His practice extrudes from his experiences structured around the discomposure and trauma caused by the operation of caste infrastructures. His excavation tools are speculations as a mode to re-code linear timelines – to create friction and study them in a tribological sense.

His research consists of wandering, reading, and auto-ethnographic approaches. His design interventions include site-specific installations, object modifications, tweaking, and drawings.

Srinivas was an artist-in-residence at Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin (2022), supported by Goethe Institut Bangalore.He also takes teaching assignments for Kannada-speaking children on design thinking.