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Khoj Special Grant 2020

Along with the Khoj Support Grants, Khoj also supported two artist projects - the African Caravan web-comic by Shikhant Sablania and two issues of Renuka Rajiv’s subscription based zine Restricted Fixations. In both cases the medium of self publication becomes a site for an episodic art practice to emerge that allows for subscription based audience building.


About this edition

African Caravan
By Shikhant Sablania

African Caravan is a Graphic Novel travelogue that has taken the form of a serialised webcomic.  It is based on  a road trip/art project that 12 artists from various parts of the world undertook, along the eastern coast of Africa covering ten countries from South Africa to Egypt collaborating with various local artists along the way. 

The project aimed to share the concept of ‘unborder’ by travelling and collaborating with local artists in Africa to create art around issues that deserve attention. The team worked to create dialogues around race, caste, gender, pan-Africanism, neo-colonialism, and more through public artwork and performances. The comic unfolds as they drive across the continent, shedding light upon the wealth of culture, ethnicities, lives, and stories of Africa.


Artist Shikhant Sablania has captured the journey in the series by portraying how each member of the group explores their individuality while forming relationships with each other and the continent.

Khoj provided a seed grant that supported building the microsite which hosts the African Caravan comics. The webcomic is free and can be read on the website . It is also available on other webcomic sites such as Webtoons and Tapas. 


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