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Khoj Support Grant 2021

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, KHOJ announced the KHOJ Support Grant 2020 for early-career creative practitioners. Promising a modest sum of Rs. 25,000/- each, the grant was intended to help artists stay engaged with their practice and support themselves in the process. At the end of six months, the artists could showcase their work in any way they chose.

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We feel that the pandemic has particularly been harsh on those communities who were already in the margins. Artisans and craftspeople across India have been continuously marginalised and exploited for their skills by larger corporations. To add to this, lack of opportunities like public fairs, cancellation of existing orders, their remote locations and inaccessibility to markets and the digital world have added to their dismal plight. Given the fragility of this sector and the imminent threat to the survival of the indigenous art and craft practices and their makers, Khoj used its resources to reach out to artists and artisan communities in remote parts of India whose lives and livelihoods were severely impacted due to the pandemic.

Through the support of the International Relief Fund 2021 from the Goethe Institut, Khoj was able to initiate the second edition of the Khoj Support Grant 2021. Khoj supported 40 artisans, musicians, folk artists and craftspeople from remote areas with a sum of Rs. 25,000 each to help them source raw materials in order to continue with their work.

Selected Practitioners:
A. Manonmani, A. Chelladurai, A. Parasuraman, Akshita Gangwal, C. Selvamani, Chandru Gurusamy, Chellaiah Pandiyan, Dinesh Chhipa, G. Venkatesan, Ganesan, I. Ananda Babu, J. Shankar Narayanan, Jaisingh Nageswaran, K. E. Rajinikanth, L. Kalinuthu, M. Settu, M. Murugan, Manimaran Magizhini, Muniaraj, N. Durai, P. Anbu, P. Nagaraj, P. Ponraj, P. Ramakrishnan, Preeti Khandelwal, R. Jeyakumar, Ravi Raj, S. Alageswari, S. Venkatesan, Saran Raj, T. Gubendiren, T. Loganathan, T. Venkatesan, Tejashree Ratankumar Ingawale.

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