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An Ode to the Anonymous

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The nomad’s horse made their way through pastures known,
Heavy bags laden with belongings,
the road was their home.
Two lovers reunited on the banks of a stream
One offered salt, while the other sweets
A lover`s hand outstretched,
his bareback kept warm, wrapped in tiger skin
The thunder rolled, the stampede began
The loved one lay, wrapped in stripes now all stained
Bloody, bruised, and lifeless
A white unstained flower held close to its heart.
like two lovers, together as one.

The imaginary excerpt is taken from / A collection of Tea-Tales from Tibet.
Author Anonymous, translated by Jane Anne Doe

The exhibition will focus on a select few Tibetan objects, their anonymous makers, and the stories surrounding them. These stories or conversation snippets delve into the local histories, understanding, and knowledge through the perspective of an antique collector, buyer, and user. As such stories emphasize on the subtle parts of history and background, both good and terrible, expected and unexpected, and the fact that life is somehow a complex interrelated system.

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The Himalayan Art Gallery

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