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Curatorial Intensive South Asia 2021

Curatorial Intensive South Asia (CISA) is a fellowship for young curators from South Asia. The program aims to develop a diversity of perspectives on the medium of the exhibition to provide a structured and an experimental inquiry into the possibilities of curatorial practice today. CISA aims to support creative thinking by building an infrastructure for making and exhibiting contemporary art.

About this edition

The fourth edition of Curatorial Intensive South Asia (CISA) 2021 will be led by art practitioner and writer Shuddha Sengupta and Delhi based curator Latika Gupta. The first phase of the fellowship is a two-week intensive programme which will be held virtually from October 18th – 30th 2021. The sessions will include a combination of talks, seminars and workshops looking at the histories of exhibition making, institutions and their limitations. Emerging discussions will incorporate a varied range of curatorial frameworks and practices – non-instrumental knowledge that draws from various themes; patches of ideas that could lend themselves to varied contexts.

The fellows for CISA 2021 are  Aakriti Chandervanshi (India), Abeer Gupta (India), Akramul Momen (Bangladesh), Dhrupad Mehta (India), Ishita Shah (India), Kanika Makhija (India), Madhushree Kamak (India), Moakshaa Vohra (India), Oorja Garg (India), Sayali Mundye (India), Sayonee Goswami (India), Shirin Fathi (Iran), Shivangi Bansal (Nepal), Tenzing Sedonla Ukyab Lama (Nepal)

In the second phase the fellows will have the opportunity to independently develop curatorial projects during which they will be mentored by the programme leaders, culminating in exhibitions in March 2022.


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