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Disobedient Bodies

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Working across a variety of media including photography, installation, stich work textile, video, animation and performance, this exhibition brings together artists who focus on the conception of beauty while exploring issues of body anxiety, sexual identity, obsession and transformation in relation to gender,
ethnicity, nationality and race. The show features works by Iranian artists Tahmineh Monzavi, Niyaz Azadikhah and more broadly in South Asia by including works from Zuhra Hilal and Moshtari Hilal.

Zuhra Hilal looks at the objectification of the female body through textile. In An Exploration of the Nameless Anatomy (2015), Hilal demands a deeper analysis of the female body through performance.
In her series titled Tina (2010-2012), Monzavi documents a life of a transgender woman in Tehran.

In Structure 2020, Moshtari Hilal investigates ways in which she could decolonize the Western beauty standards imposed on her as an Afghan woman living in Europe.

In Salasat 2020, Niyaz Azadikhah takes inspiration from personal stories of everyday encounters with people. By using stich work textiles and animation, Azadikhah taps into the untranslatable nature of human emotion and sees her stitch work textiles as bodies that incorporate the emotions and the
memories of their narrator.

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